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Grow your own food

It doesn't matter whether you live in a micro-apartment or a cabin in the woods – with the Herb Garden you can grow fresh herbs all year long. Season your stew with a sprig of rosemary, garnish your tacos with fresh cilantro, top off your cocktail with a little fresh mint, or even use fresh basil to make pesto for a crowd. You'll always have fresh herbs on hand for every occasion.

“It’s deeply satisfying to harvest, prepare, and eat food that you’ve grown yourself.”

Alice Waters

Solid Hardwood

Unmatched intelligence

Sense the Environment

Big Enough to Grow

Bring in the Sunshine

Always Fresh

The dual reservoir design helps maintain a constant water level for the roots of the plants so that they are always properly hydrated and nourished and never stressed by low water levels. The roots stay fully hydrated even if there is an unexpected power loss.

Gentle Candlelight

Infinitely Adaptable

Made in Massachusetts

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“Fresh herbs are, of course, ideal.”

Julia Child