How do you add water to the system?

You can pour water into any one of the 39 grid locations and the water will automatically fill up the lower water reservoir. So you don't have to take it apart or do anything time-consuming to add water. It's really quite simple.

How does the Herb Garden know it needs more water?

There are two different kinds of sensors to measure the water level. A capacitive sensor measures the water level very accurately (within about 1 mm). There are also magnetic reed sensors that are meant for automatic triggers when the water level is too low and too high.

How long can the system operate generally without needing to replace water or nutrients?

Normally the system can operate for at least a week without adding more water, but it depends on the size of the plants. When you have larger plants you might need to add the water a little more regularly but the app will always tell you when more water is needed. Nutrients are added about once a month and the app will remind you when it is time.

What happens in the case of a temporary power outage?

The system is designed to handle a temporary power-outage without trouble. Up to 48 hours or so should be no problem. Longer than this and the lack of light might start hurting your plants a bit.

What can I grow in the Herb Garden?

You can grow almost anything as long as it fits in the garden. You can grow salad greens, lettuce, kale, spinach, etc. You can grow tomatoes, peppers, maybe even a small cucumber plant. The main reason it's called the Herb Garden, is that herb plants are small by nature and so it’s easy to grow a bunch of them and have plenty for cooking.

What if my herbs typically have different watering needs?

All the herbs share a common reservoir and the roots are all immersed in the water so there is no difference between how much water they receive. It’s amazing but even dry-loving herbs like lavender grow successfully this way so there is really no limitation.

Are the seed pods sold separately? How do I purchase them?

The Herb Garden will come with a good number of seed pods in the box to start with so you can get growing right away. The app and our website will make it easy to order additional seed pods. We plan on offering over 50 varieties of herbs to begin with and will increase the list with time. They can be purchased directly through the app.

How do the seed pods work? Are you able to use your own seeds and substrate?

The seed pods are made of compostable peat moss and come with the seeds already inside so all you have to do is drop the seed pod into the grid location where you want the plant to grow. We also sell seed pods without seeds so that you can add your own seeds and grow any plant that you want.

How do I clean the Herb Garden?

It’s really easy, you just lift up the light bar, remove the grid tray, pull out the upper and lower reservoirs, wash them with soap and water and put them back in. That’s it :)

What is included in the nutrient system that comes with the Herb Garden? Are the nutrients 100% organic? Is there the option to use your own nutrients?

The nutrients were custom-developed to be the best possible nutrients for growing a wide array of fresh herbs species. We worked with a professor who specializes in hydroponics science to develop the nutrient solution. Our custom nutrient solution is mineral-based so that you don't get nasty fungus and bacteria growing in the water.

Is all plastic coming in contact with the water and plants safe? BPA free?

Yes, all the plastic coming in contact with the plants is safe and BPA-free.

How much power does the Herb Garden use?

The Herb Garden uses about 100 W of power during the day while growing the plants (about the same as one incandescent light bulb). In the evening with candlelight mode activated the garden uses about 10 W of power.

Can the Herb Garden work anywhere in the world?

Yes! The power supply is fully international and can handle 50-60 Hz and 120-240 V. All you need is a WiFi connection for the garden to connect to the internet and you'll be all set!

How is the Herb Garden different from other indoor gardens?

The answer is technology and beauty. With 30 high-power, sunlight-simulating LEDs and 48 low-power candlelight LEDs, the Herb Garden has the most advanced lighting system of any garden on the market. The brightness and color temperature of the lights is fully adjustable and there are millions of possible settings. On top of the light bar is an ambient light brightness sensor and ambient light color sensor. By detecting the light in the room the garden can automatically match the plant lights to match the brightness and color of the surrounding lights. Your room will always look amazing with the Herb Garden as the centerpiece.

The Herb Garden uses the latest hydroponics technology. The garden has sensors measuring water level, water flow rate, water temperature, air temperature, air relative humidity, and more. The computer uses this knowledge of the environment to care for your plants in the best possible way and will let you know if the environment changes suddenly.

The Herb Garden has a built-in WiFi micro-controller that is always connected to the internet. Your garden communicates with the mobile app so it will let you know if you need to add water, add nutrients, clean the garden, or harvest your plants.

We did not want to make another cheap, plastic garden that barely works and breaks in months. We wanted to make a garden that is durable enough to be used every day for many years and beautiful enough to be displayed in any home. We have used solid hardwood, thick clear acrylic, anodized aluminum, and other high-quality materials so that your garden will last and look amazing. 

Why is the Herb Garden so pricey?

We set out to make the best indoor garden in the world and we truly believe that we achieved that. From the outer wood case to the polymer lenses we have only used the absolute best materials and components every step along the way. The Herb Garden costs over $1,800 to manufacture using the latest technology and we wanted to charge the smallest premium possible to our customers. The Herb Garden is handmade here in our manufacturing facility in Massachusetts and each garden will go through thorough testing before leaving the plant. So you can be sure that you are receiving a world-class garden unlike anything on the market.